Male Age and Fertility

How does a man’s age affect fertility?

As men age, they don’t lose their fertility in the same way that women do. So as women go through that age range between 35 and 42, their fertility is essentially lost. In the case of males, fertility certainly decreases with age; that’s definitely true. But they don’t lose their fertility entirely. It may make a few percentage points difference in the likelihood of conception. But very few men are infertile because of their age; they will be subfertile because of their age.

Impact of father’s age on child’s health

The impact of the male age on the health of the offspring is very important. So as men get older, they don’t stop producing spermatozoa. But the quality of the spermatozoa definitely deteriorates with male age and the incidence of diseases in the children increases quite rapidly with male age. So we’ve known for many years that dominant genetic disease increases exponentially with the age of the father. But in recent years we have become aware that a whole range of neurological conditions, like autism, bipolar disease, spontaneous schizophrenia, epilepsy – all these are correlated with the age of the father at the moment of conception.

When does men’s sperm quality start to decline?

The inflection point, the age where things start to rise quite dramatically is around the age of 35. And interestingly enough it is the same age which woman’s fertility begins to get lost. We are the only primate species that stop reproducing in midlife. And it is as if we were only really designed or evolved to reproduce up until out of mid-thirties, maybe forty at the maximum. And after that, our fertility as a species is lost. So that there have been some studies done, where the side of a content of women and the content of men have been looked at as a couple.

The combination of a man’s age and a woman’s age

If the woman is below the age of 35, so she’s in her most fertile years, then having a male partner the same age as you or five years older makes no difference at all. But if the woman is on that slope to age-dependent infertility between 35 and 40 then having a male partner who is five years or more older than you makes a bigger ten percent difference in your chances of conception. So it is an aging couple in the way of the perfect storm, the female partner and the male partner are both losing their fertility with time. And it is important that we look at the couple, fertility is being a function of the couple rather than individuals.

Women, age, and fertility

I think there is a public misconception that the loss of female fertility is somehow synchronized with the menopause. And people imagine that they’re fertile until the menopauseб when in reality fertility has lost a decade before the menopause is hit. So it is very important that men understand that the fertility of their female partner will be lost rapidly in that age range between 35 and 42 and delaying having your family until the late thirties could be a very risky strategy.

Natural Remedies For Impotence

This article is for the 30 million American men and a 100 million men worldwide who are affected by impotence or erectile dysfunction. Let’s take a look at some natural remedies for impotence.

Now before we do that, let’s take a look at some causes or impotence causes and what’s the main cause. And the number one cause of ED is poor blood flow. Now there are physical causes such as MC, or Parkinson’s disease, or if you had prostate cancer surgery. Those things are relatively difficult to deal with an erectile dysfunction issue. But for probably around 90-95% of men, the issue is poor blood flow, and that can be related to diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, or medical metabolic syndrome. So that’s our cause, that’s what we’re looking at a cause that’s reversible.

Following natural treatments for impotence have one thing in common: they may seem different, but they have one thing in common, and that is they increase the availability of nitric oxide to help increased blood flow, which helps with an erection.

Flavonoids. Eating flavonoid-rich foods stay old story if you really want to change your body if you want to change your health you just have to keep eating live food. We’re talking about berries, and cherries, and fruits, and vegetables, and radishes, and citrus, fruits, red wine that’s always nice. You’re looking to get what’s called flavonoids, but you really want to eat as many natural, unprocessed foods as possible. This does two things. One it definitely helps your body, but two – the more you eat of the good stuff, the less you eat of the bad stuff. And we all know what the bad stuff is no matter what we say.

L-Arginine is a supplement; it’s an amino acid, and it naturally occurs in your body. Though we don’t always get as much of it produced as we would like, and we need to take supplements either through food or actual supplements. But the importance of L-Arginine is that it is a precursor to something called nitric oxide. And nitric oxide is crucial for proper blood flow, and crucial for an erection. L-Arginine is crucial.

There’s a lot of talk about hormone therapy being necessary for impotence reversal. In actuality it’s really desire, libido kind of property where if your testosterone levels are too low, you don’t have any desire, you don’t have any libido, you don’t have any sexual urge. And this, of course, will lead to ED because there’s nothing stimulating you. So to get your testosterone levels checked, simply get blood work done by your family doctor. It’s easy, if you are on insurance – it’s free, and it’s vital to understand your testosterone levels and your general hormone levels across the board.

We’ve talked a little bit about nitric oxide therapy and its importance in bringing back the nitric oxide levels to your body, so that you can have an erection. But it’s also important for other cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol. It’s great for complications of diabetes. Nitric oxide is the go-to substance for all of these things.

Testosterone Treatment For Low Libido In Women

In this article we are talking about hormones, specifically testosterone. They play an important role in the female sexual function and of course dysfunction.

Ok, so the first question we want to get to is why is testosterone important for women? So, actually in the physiology of life, testosterone is more synthesized than estrogen in a woman’s body. It is actually you make more testosterone than estrogen, and all your estrogen is converted from testosterone. Most people don’t understand that. From the what happens over aging, after age 30 the values of testosterone that you synthesize fall, so by the time you reach menopause three out of the four women have actually low testosterone levels.

That’s not surprising. I mean you don’t even think about that because you would normally associate testosterone with men. So women have low testosterone when they take birth control pills. There are 70 million women on birth control pills, so every one of them has low testosterone.  So we should review the signs and symptoms.

So if someone has not explained like fatigue, low-energy, don’t have the muscle strength they used to have, they can’t lift weights like they used to; they are a weight gaining that they don’t want to have;  they are depressed, or sad, or blue; their bones are weak. Then the sexual ones: low sex drive, the climax is not too strong or is easy to obtain; it hurts a little bit during the entry – those are all testosterone side.

So we don’t have FDA-approved products for women. The FDA has always rejected testosterone for women; they want more and more safety data. So we use the off-label products, we use those testosterone products for men, but we dose them as one in ten of the dose: if the dose is 10 for a man in units, so you only use 1 for a woman. So it’s much. But that’s what we do; we use off-label drugs. Now there’s millions and millions of women who use testosterone, but it is all off label.

So this is a study done in the Journal of Sexual Medicine where we looked at testosterone in women. So we’ve done double-blind placebo-controlled trials. We gave women something they didn’t know what they were getting. And that shows statistically significant improvement in sexual function, sexual satisfaction. So we do know that it works and that if it’s monitored and done safely, women can get great benefit from it.

Libido enhancement pills work differently on women. If you use clitoral creams like Vigorelle, you’ll get some arousal and lubrication, if you take pills like Provestra, you can expect to see some boost in libido and arousal. This results will stay for a long time even if you stop taking the supplement. So it’s all up to you which product to test. TOP 10 sexual enhancement products are reviewed and rated by independent experts.. Our advice to you is not taking unknown pills, that have not been medically approved. Honestly saying only one sex enhancement pill for women has been approved by FDA. But the criteria of selecting the supplement for approval was unclear, so it’s better to use herbal pills, that have earned trust. Provestra is the supplement you need to increase your sexual desire.

In our office where we see women who have sexual problems, we say that “take this for your health. The sexual benefits will be the sort of add-on.” So it’s something that really in menopause women should strongly consider getting the value measured and replaced if needed. And again at one-tenth of the male dose.

So one of the side effects of birth control pills is low interest, another side effect it is the entry sort of discomfort, and we could stop all that if we could change their testosterone guidance.

Why Do Men Want To Enlarge Their Penises?

There are a lot of studies about penis size. Penis size is important for both genders. Recently researchers begin to explore why men want to enlarge their penis size from natural penis enhancement to going under the knife. Regardless of the method they use, it ‘s hard to increase the size of the manhood. The question is, why men want to enlarge their penises?

The reasons why men want to enlarge their penises

Men want to enlarge their penises because of 2 reasons. First, he wants to be better than other men. Even if he have a not small size of the member. Second, because of pressure from society. This reason is the biggest force for penis enlargement.

In our society, there are some standards of women body. For men, these standards are not so strict as for females. The biggest problem for men nowadays is the size of their penis. It is the very embarrassing topic, and men are ashamed to talk about it.

There always have been a lot of jokes about penis size. All media used such tricks to laugh at penis size.

The good news

There are a lot of jokes about the manhood, so it is not a surprise that many men start to think that they don’t measure up. That’s right. Even if their penis is average size. Fortunately, now there are many options for penis enlargement. A man who wants to have bigger penis can do it in a safe way. But before starting any penis enlargement program, he needs to think first. What is the motivation of this need for a bigger member? If a man has low confidence because of the small penis than he definitely can start some enhancement events. But if his motivation is pressure from society then he should think well again. Does he really need to waste time and enlarge his penis because there are some “standards” among people?

In summary, there are two reasons why men want to enlarge their penises. First, it is a natural desire to be better than the competitor. And second, the cultural pressure. Should you enlarge your penis? Only you know the answer. If you decide to enlarge your penis, make sure that you do it for the right reason. That is, not because what public says about what you should do.

Penis Pumps: Are They Safe And Do They Do Work?

People want to know about penis pumps, are they safe and do they work? Now for those of you out there who are familiar with penis pumps what they are, is like this little suction apparatus where you put the penis in. And some of them are electrically operated, some of them are manual. There’s like a little bulb and will create suction so that it pulls blood into the penis for an erection.

Now there are some people who like penis pumps as a sensation. So they don’t need them for any reason, they just like the sensation of the suction and the pumping. And they can be perfectly safe as long as you follow instructions and don’t leave the pump on for too long. You don’t want to leave it on to the point of causing any bruising or broken capillaries or anything like that.

There are people who find penis pumps really helpful in dealing with erectile dysfunction. So mild forms of it granted and so if you have mild ED and you want to try a pump that might be a really good option for you and helping to assist you to get and maintain an erection. Some guys just go back and forth to the pump until they can, you know, finish out intercourse. Other guys will use the pump and then slip on a penis ring in order to maintain the erection while they insert wife or partner or husband. So it does create a few options with that.

So I think they’re actually a great option whether you’re looking to change sensation of or deal with some mild erectile dysfunction. They are perfectly safe just follow the instructions.

Penis pumps not just for people with ED, and we’re going to be talking about how to use a penis pump and why. Generally, you think of a penis pump for a guy who needs to get his penis hard for sex because he’s unable to achieve it. That’s not the only reason. Sometimes guys would like just to keep on having sex throughout a prolonged period. And after ejaculation, you need to get something to help you out.

Well, here we have a stunt penis already inserted with the proper amount of lubrication so you can pull your erect penis out of the cylinder. As your penis will become engorged with blood, the ring will begin to constrict around your penis. The reason why we put lubrication on is so we can easily pull our penis out. As we do that, we hit the handy release, and we get our erect penis out of the pump. Again use a generous amount of lubrication because the vacuum seal becomes quite tight around your penis.

There are also penis pumps with a power grip and a gauge to show you how many Mercury’s, which is the standard of measuring how much pressure is on your penis. You never really want to go above 15 because that can create actual damage. Never use the penis pump to the point of pain, you do not want to use it for a prolonged period of time on your penis. This is for you to get an erection and once you have an erection, please enjoy your sex.